fad wishes that come true

do you have any wishes that seem so fad?

well, i have those wishes... little bit of absurd and funny... hihihihi
long time ago, when i was a junior high school girl
....... i wish i have a "gank" that long lasting ever after.. and Allah gives me these girls....

Alhamdulillah.... i have to thank for that wish :) really happy and grateful for friends i have now

...... i wondering.. how it feel to be a girl whom "ditembak" with a boy that like her?...

so here we go.... in mid day before class started, he said that he wait for my answer after he sent a letter for me... hehehehe... i was just smiling to him and i said "give me 3 days to think about this" hahaha... i don't know what i'm doing back than
anyway i accepted him but it didn't go well, so we broke up

..... i wondering how it feel to ride a big motorcycle with the man that likes me?? hmmm...

on a hot saturday, i went to depok with my boyfriend, hahaha....
he was the man that i ask for to Allah back than,
i wanna feel to have boyfriend who taller than me and take me to anywhere with his big bike.
bbbrrrrrmmmmm..... and i go there with him, just the two of us
but that relationship didn't goes well either
we broke up a month later
really hurt me actually, i was so sad, all the song i heard makes me more sad and sad... and than i wish for another

while watching tv in my house, my mind said something that change my whole world,
my whole perspective about love, care and my beloved heart
i like to hear Christian Sugiono voices in that tv serial, so manly and so masculine
:D really love to hear that voice
and hmm... i wonder how does it feel to have a man who has a voice like christian?
i want to have a man who really struggle to get me
the man who won't give up until i feel really care about him

and you know what????
i get it suddenly after brake up with my latest X
i never thought about this until now, i realize, it was my wish..
oh God... You are so generous to give me more experience about love life
i really love him, i really care about him
he said that i was too protective
he said that i wasn't mature enough
he said that i .........
okay forget it,, i broke up AGAIN

that moment really change my point of view about man
a few weeks from that moment, i close myself to any guy
really hurt me to the inside of my heart

i have another bestfriends
i have someone to fill me with any kind of life story
she's great..

Love u sista... :)

i don't know what i want for now
something that i have to learn about is be careful with all your wish and imaginary


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