a hard december

back then before december 2010 comes...

the november said goodbye to me
left me a hard feeling to go through

why does we have to end the year with december?
can we just past it?
suddenly the goosebumps come to me
ohh nooooo.... i don't think i can through this december without a heartbroken

well then that day came
after 3 days i couldn't sleep well and eat well
it was holiday after all
i was confuse to send that text message or not

okey... i couldn't think well if i didn't finish this
the delivery report : message sent (5 o'clock in the morning)

reply : makasih yaa... mell... (around 9 am)
me : saw the text and go away (ffuuuhhh... finally i can breath)

so,, i think i have do the right things
just because i want to be someone whom he wont forget
a friend maybe
not more than that
who knows...
still think in my mind (if he's not my destiny, please don't make me meet him again)


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