Sometimes people feel tired with their life, sometimes people already feel full of problems and wanna go away to other place
that's not a solution right?

Leave your family and friends, will make them sad and not give solution.

To be a better human we need to force a lot of problems, that's a sign that Allah loves us, make us growth with Allah ways

We are born as one person, alone in this world, and will be back to Allah alone too. Also have to solve our problems by ourself. With Allah in our heart and mind, that problems will be solve one by one. By then we can feel so free to see the world.
I have to force every cause of my decision.

If it will make me hurt.. So let it be..
If it will make me older and growth up.. So let it be
If it will make me stronger... So let it be
I love my family... They all I have in this world...
I love u mom
I love u dad
I love u my brother
Please Allah give me your Ridho and let my parents give me Ridho too
Insyallah I will be okay
I know my risk at the future
But I always trust if this is Allah ways to make me a better moslem, kun fa yakun


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