amazing you

Hello blog...
It has been a while since I don't write here about my life. Well... Let's start :)

Knowing you become a new person each day is really amazing right?
Recently I feel so many things through my days.

It all started when I worked here, in this hospital. I develop myself to be more kind, to be more care and take more responsibility.

I realize that every day I have been through are colorful, eventhough it made me badmood or sad. Every night, I thought about it and made me more respect myself, more realize that I can do better back than. All I have been through this couple months, makes me know that I can survive more than I know, I have a lot of 'give' from Allah... Family, friends, bestfriends, new person that I know and fans hahahhaa...
Well... I have to be more focus. More attention to detail about around me. People, work, and activities. And of course have to be more passion to write... Have to...!! And I want it so badly..

I have to give myself to be more support to what I like. Guess I have to read a lot and write a lot. About anything I have been do each day, each second !! I have to encourage myself to be more productive with anything possibility near me.

I have to see the world more often, prepare myself to be a wife, a mom and a woman. Read, write and correction... Right?!

In here, I feel more different, to feel myself as I am. Eventhough some people already 'fitnah' and so on to me. Well... I just wanna work. Whatever happens, you won't change my work.
Oh really, this office makes me realize sooooo much things...
This is real life, real work environment, real people whom can help you or 'menusukmu dari belakang' and something I don't do in pipimm is 'cari muka'
It has to do, eventhough I really don't like it much.
Hûffƒt....◦(⌣_⌣ ")

I asked to my friends and share with them, it actually something usual to behave like that, and you know what, it a necessary to do!
I try to show that I worked here...
Well.. Nothing else than show my face
We can't ignore that we really need that things.

Finally I can do know what something to say, something to write, something to do with confidence, believe that I can do it if others can do. you are amazing Mellisa....

Smile, semangat mellisa!!!


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