Sebuah ikatan
Terpikir dalam saat ini, ikatan itu benar-benar mengikat kita seutuhnya kah? Atau ikatan yang membuat kita nyaman menghadapi hari-hari bersamanya? Sesaat tadi I watch a serial film on the tv, it tells about how american people easy to accept a broken marriage very well. They get used to it, it just so normal when people has a child from they broken marriage, get used to a divorce and so on. For now, in here, in Indonesia, it won't that easy. People around you will talk about it, a lot... And it is kind of taboo to face something like that. Sometimes, I think a base to judge someone is not only from their status. But in this country, that's become one of important things to determine you choose someone to be your couple.

In some custom it won't easy to deserve that kind of things. And it will become a hard decision in member of big family. In some case, your happiness is not important, the right things is to makes your big family happy and take care of 'family names'. That thing makes few people suffer in their life. And I have face it too.. Huuuffff... In one side, you will think is my life, I rule it, I face it. But the other side would hit you with a lot of tradition and such things like 'good names' in society. That tradition makes some people suffer and misery for the rest of their life! Huuff... It is not fair. I know we live in the country that respect a lot of tradition but with the condition in this century, it will makes ourself stuck!

We won't get happiness and the society get the topics to gossip with others, isn't it great huh? I know that opinion always different in every person, of course.. Because Allah create us to be different each others, but don't let that kind of opinion makes us unhappy, misery, and so on.. Well... I guess people in here won't easy to take all story with the right and straight mind when they listen to it. This country won't easy to accept someone status with open mind. Try to understand behind what happen with their past and give them to 'join to the whatever club'. This kind of thinking would made this society better than always talk each others behind their back. It is cruel when you talk about someone behind their back. You agree with me right? Don't let that happen to us. Please give some people 'a room' to be happy with their life. It is their decision anyway. So better than if we can live to be 'nice neighbour' rather we gossiping someone right? They have human right to happy, enjoy and join to any club in the society. Be nice to them it will makes us more respect to live, more grateful to Allah, more peace between us, isn't it wonderful?
So, to you, whoever you are, don't be cruel talk about someone business behind their back, specially about personal life, accept them and we can live together as a big family. With all tradition in this country of course we know about tenggang rasa, menghargai sesama, menghormati yg lebh tua and all kind of things we learn in school. Let's practice that in our real life. Open you mind to build a magnificent ikatan diantara kita. Live better with all love and respect.
Peace to the world and good to our soul


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