What should i do?

kind of funny to realize this condition
it start with "menunggu mu"
and i said "menunggu siapa"
"cintaku bukanlah cinta biasa jika kamu yang memiliki"
"aku setia menunggu (in javanese)"

"aku bisa membuatmu jatuh cinta kepadaku meski kau tak cinta... mellow.com lebay.com"
"aku menunggu mu (in Japanese)"

"sirion, i apologize for everything i've done and said that makes u unhappy and regret, LU sayonara"

"who do you think u are"

"this is all shit.. hell yeah..."
"whatever........... i don't care"

"i give all shit u want"
"coz i'm limited edition"



what all about this??
what happen??
i think with my apologize
i can have a better relationship with him
all i get are??

i don't get it
what should i do??


  1. The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire, try now we can only loose
    and your love become a funeral pyre

  2. hmmmmmmmm............... funeral pyre??
    kejam amat yah???


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