meski berat melepasmu,, tapi kamu akan selalu dihatiku


seorang Mellisa yang sangat bodoh,,
tidak bisa berfikir disaat yang genting seperti kemarin

i should said something,
i should said i don't want to
i should said i don't wanna leave u

and now,, here,, i am sitting alone,,
realize that i was so wrong about what i should do

i just can take a deep breath
to face it
to go on with my life

remember what my best friend said to me
"mell, maybe this is the time, this is the moment that he has finished his task from Allah SWT to make you a better women, you should be grateful for that, Allah SWT sent him to give you a lesson about life, and this is the time to let him go"

that words.... so... makes me...
more can not say anything else...

thanks to u nur
you are so much help me to through this problem
thanks for the tips

i have to be strong than ever
such a nice memories... ^_^
really nice...
thanks to you my niji
kau mewarnai hidupku
i won't forget you my kebo
miss u much
miss u much then i have been feel before


  1. Narsis amat neng Blognya, hahahah !!


  2. bodo amat.....
    hak asasi untuk narsis..


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