all i have to do is keep it all
by myself
this is mine
my problem..

try to solve it by my self
and the end
he realize, understand what should he do for me
you know that i can be angry
if i think i can handle it
i won't be angry
i just need your attention
show me that

show me that you are not forget about me
show me that you love me
show me that you care about me
i can be satisfied even though it's only a call
i can be satisfied even though it's only a text message
i trust you
i believe in you

with u i have learn so many things
so from now
don't be like that again

lelah rasanya meredam
meredam rasa
meredam amarah
meredam asa
hanya dengan menatap hujan
hanya dengan melihat bintang
hanya dengan memahami pelangi yang tak kunjung datang

be my niji
be my hoshi
be my taiyou
be my mangetsu


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